Cash Incentives Discontinued

We are pleased to announce that Teton Rideshare has established a regular pool of commuters. Therefore, we have determined it is time to end the cash incentive program. Our hope is that carpooling is now an integrated part of your commuting life and you will continue to make good use of the app!

Passenger members will pay a fee for taking a Duet carpool. Driver members will be reimbursed for giving a Duet carpool. You can find your fee and reimbursement in your Duet profile. Both are priced individually for each member based on commute distance and a few other relevant factors. The Duet carpool fee is priced to be comparable to your current commute cost. Please note that we process card charges at an increment of $10, i.e., we will only charge your card for the owed amount on your balance that exceeds $10.

To learn how to schedule a ride please go to To download the Rideshare app free of charge search ‘Duet Commute’ on your smartphone’s app store. For more information on Teton Rideshare and details on summer incentives, please visit