Teton Rideshare Announces Cash Incentives

If you are a commuter frustrated with traffic in the Teton Region, there is now a social and profitable solution. Teton rideshare is offering a cash incentive program to reduce traffic through ridesharing. The aim of the program is to encourage community engagement and participation. “With local traffic getting out of hand, we want to encourage a community-driven solution to a community problem. Transportation solutions need to be multi-faceted, and Teton Rideshare offers an additional avenue for commuters looking to save money and reduce traffic,” says Max Ludington, co-founder of Teton Rideshare.

Participants will receive $1 in compensation for scheduling a carpool as either a rider or a driver (maximum $2 per day) on the ridesharing app, Duet. Participants will receive compensation regardless of a successful carpool match. Compensation will be awarded as a Duet points, which can be redeemed as cash.

Additionally all passengers will ride for free.

Incentives will be offered until funding is exhausted. 

Drivers, as always, will be paid based on the carpool distance. For example, compensation from Victor to Jackson is approximately $6. Already participating in a regular carpool? No problem; organize your carpool through Duet to take advantage of our incentive program.

To learn how to schedule a ride please go to  http://www.duetinc.com/information.html. To download the Rideshare app free of charge search ‘Duet Commute’ on your smartphone’s app store. For more information on Teton Rideshare and details on summer incentives, please visit http://www.tetonrideshare.com.

The fine print:

  •  You can check your balances of reimbursement or points in your Duet app. Go to Menu-->Balance & History.

  •  Duet requires a minimum $10 or 10 points for cash out or redemption.

  •  You can cash out your point balance or redeem your Duet points anytime. To do so, in your Duet app, go to Menu-->Balance &   History----> Cash out or Redeem. Minimum $10 or 10 points for cash out or redemption.

  • All the cancellation and no show policies are applied to these terms- www.duetinc.com/information.html