Teton Rideshare App Improvements  

Last winter, Teton Rideshare (http://www.tetonrideshare.com) has gained a steady group of carpoolers commuting to Teton Village. Feedback from users revealed the need for app improvements that will better serve our community. You spoke and we listened! We are pleased to announce the following improvements to the app:

  • Both the morning and evening carpool windows have been expanded. The morning carpool window from home to work is now between 5am and 11:30am.

  • The afternoon/evening carpool window from work to home has been expanded to between 3pm and 11pm. 

  • When offering carpool rides as a driver, there is now an option to accept more than one passenger. Drivers are able to transport up to four passengers. 

  • Duet carpool uses a Planned Ride model, which requires organizing carpools in advance. Advance time to schedule a carpool has been reduced from 90 to 30 minutes.

  • Previously, the advance time to join a carpool was 60 minutes. With changes, you are now able to join a carpool right up to the departure time.

The Teton Rideshare team believes that these significant modifications will better serve the unique patterns and needs of our commuting community. Extended morning and evening carpool windows accommodate a “non traditional” workday. Multiple passengers allows for greater efficiency and removal of more cars from the road. Perhaps most importantly, by shortening the time block to create and accept a carpool, the app can accommodate far more scheduling spontaneity. 

“We are pleased that TRS has been able to respond to request for app modifications from regular carpoolers. We recognize carpooling needs in the Tetons are unique, and these tweaks should better suit our community. Improvements will allow for more commuters who start work early of end late to participate. And greater spontaneity is a huge plus, especially for catching a ride to the top of the pass!” says Max Ludington, TRS co-founder.